6 Easy Steps for the Best Outside Window Cleaning

Outside Window Cleaning

Choose your tools wisely as this can make application of the same a very good or very bad thing. Of great importance is the quality squeegee and the bucket, the mild detergent, and the soft sponge. Start with picking up the dust or debris around the window with a brush a vacuum cleaner. It comes secondly, the soft scrubbing using the sponge followed by the window cleaning solution. Manipulate squeegee to take off the surplus water making the long and crossing wipes. Finally, polish with microfiber cloth up to the tiny markings. Make sure you give equal attention to both sides of the glass to avoid visible strokes!

Assessing the Condition of Your Windows

Evaluating the glass of your windows should, in my experience, be the first and foremost step towards getting stains off and your window shiny. Start off by doing a thorough inspection of all the window panes for any illegible writings or dirt accumulated. Take notice of any cracks, chips or hard water stain because these may need some special efforts to get rid for a permanent solution to these. Make a survey of window frames and screens to make sure that they do not need to be repaired. This is important to make roommates feel comfortable at their new homes. Note down any point for furthermore the cleaning which requires extra care and repair work. A careful evaluation of the state of your windows will not only allow you to efficiently plan the proper cleaning method but also find any problems which may further need to be acknowledged.

Condition of Your Windows

Gathering the Necessary Tools and Supplies

To make an excellent outside window cleaning be able to, gathering together with such tools and supplies as needed is critical. Start with a bucket, squeegee, scrubber, several microfiber cloth of good quality, a ladder that is strong enough and window cleaning solution cleaned softly and gently. Make sure that your hose has a spray attachment and that you can rinse with it too. Always have some soft bristled brush with you, to scrape off dirt or grime. Some prefer the use of telescopic poles to get to windows where ladder is not necessary. Having all the equipment necessary and all the proper supplies in hand will make a mess of this job and it will ensure that you have everything on hand to face any difficulties.

Preparing the Cleaning Solution

The next step comes when the clean-up formula is being designed. Therefore, choosing a gentle, non-abrasive solution that can remove grime quickly while getting rid of streaks and other residue is essential. Begin by placing your buckets filled with warm water and add the specified amount for cleaning details respectively. Combine both components of the solution so that everything mixes and will also be evenly distributed in the water. Don’t resort to rough cleansers that can end up damaging your windows as well as the environment. In place of it, directly go for eco-friendly ways, which are safe for windows and outside area too. With your cleaner having been prepared, window-cleanness is just miles away.

Cleaning the Window Surface

Reaching the level of a perfect window surface with no dirt and stains is hard to achieve through the cleaning process. First of all put the scrubber into the saucepan with the readymade cleaning solution, next, clean the entire window surface and be mindful of the persistent stains and spots. In more tough places, gently scrub with a soft-bristle brush without abrasive. However, pay attention to put in a word so that a comprehensive dirt buildup will be removed. Furthermore, apply the cleaning solution uniformly taking care to cover every corner, the bottom part, and the top part of the window. After that rinse it thoroughly using a hose with a spray head to eliminate every trace of the cleaning solution and dirt that comes off the window. That step is decisive because we don’t want any residue finally. For higher windows, an alternative could be a telescope or a pole that extends to scratch the ceiling without using a ladder. Such a practice makes the process safer while really efficient.

Using a Squeegee for Streak-Free Results

Not only the perfect cleanness achieved easily with appropriate approach and tools, but also the windows free from streaks as well. In the end what is left a squeegee, is an absolute no-brainer and the sparkling, the streaks-free finish ensures all that. First, make the window wet with the cleaner and then move from top to down using overlapping strokes with the squeegee to take away excess moisture. Wipe the squeegee blade using a clean, dry piece of cloth immediately after each stroke in order to avoid the marking. Beginning from the top to the bottom and keep the brush wet at all times, so you don’t create drip marks. Besides that, this method is a chance to have a endearing, streak-free show that will shine in the sunlight because it is very clean.

Drying and Inspecting the Windows

Getting the invariantly glossy surface from windows is accomplished through my drying and inspecting process. After you wet the area with the squeegee, finish the job with a cotton cloth to dry the edges and corners. Nothing is so effective as a thorough rinsing, removing any impurities on the window, ensuring you a streak-free and crystal-clear finish while preserving your windows’ true appearance. When drying your window, take a minute to look at the glass as well; if anything, there are still smears, lines, or blotches on the glass that calls for more effort. Surveying the windows it through a second time you can match the flaws and proceed with the minor changing to leave no opportunity for mistakes.

Drying and Inspecting the Windows


Improperly followed procedure you can neither accomplish your main goal to have the best results. It is for that you should apply these six passes to your cleaning efforts. Turning on the regular maintenance and appropriate cleaning methods is, not only will the appearance of your house be preserved but also the life of window as well. Putting the right tools and effort, you will certainly have no obstacles to having a perfect look of crystal-clear windows that should be national.

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