Have Your Yacht Windows Clean for the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show

The Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show is the place to present pristine boats both new and previously owned from all over the world. When a bevy of yachts dock in close proximity to one another, it is easy to tell which ones stand out with a sparkling presence. Professionally cleaned windows make a huge difference between the boats that sell and those that do not.

Salt Stains Windows

Salt is a major culprit to your yacht’s windows. This is because salt crystals form when salt dries. With a fine sand consistency, crystals scratch glass windows like sandpaper. If left on glass long enough, it can cause permanent damage.

It takes time to clean boat windows. Matter of fact, it can take 30 minutes or longer to effectively clean them the right way. Professionals have time to implement the proper steps to ensure investors, buyers and other boat owners—even your competitors—notice a job well done.

Certain Products Scratch Windows

Detergents and strong abrasives scratch windows. The wrong chemicals make glass, vinyl, and plastic windows, in particular, to look cloudy and become brittle. What’s more, manufactured windows differ in design and maintenance recommendations. Plastic windows especially must have special treatment and require regular cleaning.

Unfortunately, silicones and alcohol are chemicals found in common glass cleaners cause irreversible marring. This poses a challenge for do-it-yourselfers. Professional window cleaning reduces the risk, eliminates guesswork, and gets results.

Humid Temperatures and Dew Create Salty Windows

In humid weather, salt draws water out of the air. At night, salt mixes with dew and turn into saltwater. So we know that salt causes havoc to windows, but the dew point plays an important part in how windows look too. When air is full of water vapor, water droplets form called condensation. This also forms on windows. Window washing experts use best practices along with industry recommended materials to wipe away morning dew from your windows. They have tips to share in preparation for your boat shows and family fun excursions.

Mold on Windows Pose Health Risks

Mold is the circular brown, yellow, white, gray, black or blue furry fungus spores that develop on or nearby windows, and along window hatches. Mold forms where dirt stays. We know mold forms in warm humid weather, it is also true that mold forms in cold weather. Mold accumulation causes fatigue, allergic reactions, and respiratory problems in humans.

Since excess moisture contributes to mold formation, effective window cleaning is vital for the maintenance of your windows at the very least. It is extremely important to follow through with drying windows completely.

Yacht Window Washing Involves Using Special Techniques

It is typical for the average boat owner to wash their boat’s windows at the same time as washing down the rest of the boat. by doing that, debris could splash everywhere. For example, if you use a high-pressure hose nozzle to power off the salt on the cockpit deck, it could get into the engine compartment and cause rust.

Expert window cleaners use a different method on the hatches than on the windows themselves. They lower the stream to the right intensity to clear all debris from that area.

Here’s an easy solution: Bypass the trial and error phase of learning specific techniques that take up your time. Select a window washing provider skilled in the cleaning care for your type of boat windows.

Safety During the Yacht Cleaning Process

Washing windows is a time-consuming task and it takes away from other preparations needed to get your boat ready for showing. From a safety standpoint, as you clean, you must be careful to wipe spills, otherwise, someone might suffer an injury from a fall after slipping on a patch of water.

Leave it to the experts. Meticulous window washing and drying is what professional yacht window washers do daily. Make safety a top priority and hire the best yacht window-cleaning specialists.

Aesthetics: The Way Your Boat Looks Draws Attention

What the windows look like on the outside gets prospects attention. Everyone gravitates to boats that have sparkling windows. They beckon them to come inside and look. When potential buyers walk inside, they want to see the clear blue ocean as if there were no windows at all.

Clean windows are your advertising campaign for your yacht. This is factual whether your boat’s windows are made of glass, plastic, vinyl, or a polyester composite, acrylic, or polycarbonate. How you take care of your boat, no matter how small or large says a lot about the owner. Clean windows make the statement that you care.

Utilize a yacht window cleaning service provider and get your yacht show-ready for this year’s Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show. The investment will pay off because buyers are more willing to purchase boats that look new rather than soiled. Windows that are professionally cleaned make all the difference. Contact us today and display your boat in style at the show. Call now.