Different Types of Windows for Buildings

Different Types of Windows for Buildings

You hardly ever think about your windows, after all, they’re made so you can look through them. But just because windows are transparent doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Windows allow light and airflow into spaces. Depending on what kind of windows are used, they can also perform other functions. Some widows simply need to allow light in, while others have to be easy to open and close. Whatever it is you need from a window, there’s something on the market for you. Here are some of the different types of windows for buildings.

Different Types of Window Frames

Window frames play a big role in the aesthetics and use of your windows. While some are made to open easily, other frames simply let as much light through as possible.

Double-hung and Single-hung Windows

different types of windows: double hung windowsThis window frame design is the most popular type for houses. These frames usually has a large window pane in the center, with two smaller panes on either side. Or, a large pane on one side and a smaller pane on the other.

There are many variations in the layout of these frames, such as the center or side panes being split in two horizontal windows, or sometimes there can even be four panes equal in size.

Generally though, double- and single-hung window frames are made from either metal or wood. The designs are discreet, not drawing attention to the windows, but still aesthetically pleasing.

The windows open to the outside and are easy to adjust, but often not all panes can open and close. These windows open by simply by allowing the frame that contains the windows to rotate diagonally within the main window frame.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are another popular option in homes. The main difference between double-hung and awning windows is how they open. While double-hung windows rotate within the main frame, awning windows open to the outside by pivoting from the top or side of the main frame.

The great thing about awning windows is that they allow for a lot of airflow when they open. However, if there’s a walkway outside, they tend to obstruct the passage more than a double-hung window would.

Slider Windows

Slider windows are a great option if you’re looking for airflow, but don’t want to obstruct narrow passages outside. As the name implies, these windows simply slide over each other when opened.

Picture Windows

Different types of windows: Picture windowsThese windows are popular in commercial buildings and homes with modern architecture. Unlike most options, picture windows can’t open. Having picture window frames is almost like have no frames at all. Instead, window the windows panes in picture windows look like a glass wall.

The benefit of picture windows is that they allow a lot of light in and can offer stunning views. However, the fact that they don’t open and close means they’re not good for spaces where having airflow is important.

In some cases, picture windows can be combined with other kind of frames to allow for airflow in a space.

There’s an almost endless variety of window frames. Box frames windows, fixed windows and Palladian windows are just a few of the additional options to choose from.

Different Types of Window Panes

While most homeowners focus a lot on their window frames, the glass that goes into these frames is often overlooked. The quality of your window glass can help increase the longevity of your windows. Glass can also be made with useful extra functionalities.

There are different types f windows for buildings that help perform important and practical functions. Here are some of your main options when choosing window glass.

Annealed Glass Windows

Annealed glass is the most basic type of window glass available. This glass is colorless and inexpensive to buy. To make annealed glass requires that large window panes are cooled slowly, allowing a strong glass to form.

All other kinds of windows are made by enhancing annealed glass for better functionality. While annealed glass is the cheapest option, it will shatter when it breaks, leaving sharp edges.

Laminated Glass Windows

During the process of lamination, a regular float glass window is enhanced into a safety glass. Laminated glass windows provide extra strength, making them a more popular for safety reasons.

The glass in manufactured by taking two regular glass panels and fusing them to an inner layer of a strong plastic material called PVB (polyvinyl butyral).

Laminated windows can stay in their frames even when they’re almost completely shattered. Because of this, car manufacturers use laminated glass to make windshields. This type of glass is normally substantially stronger and more durable.

Obscure Glass

This kind of window is highly popular for fitment in bathrooms and as shower doors. Most obscure glass windows have textured inside surfaces, causing the window to not be completely see-through. Alternatively, some obscure glass windows are coated with a layer that makes the glass look sandblasted.

The great thing about obscure glass is that it protects privacy while still allowing light to come through.

Tinted Glass Windows

Tinted windows are an excellent choice if you want to limit the UV exposure in your space and enjoy more privacy. Just keep in mind that not all tinted windows offer UV protection, so if that’s a functionality you want, you must opt for a tinted glass that offers UV protection.

Tinted glass can be a good option in bathrooms instead of obscure glass. It’s also a popular choice for skylights. That said, you can have all the windows on your building fitted with tinted glass. It adds aesthetics while blocking only a minimal amount of light from coming in. Because tinted glass does block at least some light, it’s not an ideal option for dark spaces that don’t get a lot of sunlight.

Insulated Glass Windows

Insulated glass can help you control temperatures in your space more easily. The main benefit of insulated glass is that it creates an energy efficient space, as you’ll need less air-conditioning. To make insulated glass, multiple glass panels are layered together with spaces in between. The spaces in between the glass are normally filled with argon, providing better insulation.

There are still a few other window glass options, such as Low-E glass, which is also great for regulating temperatures inside your home, allowing you to save on energy costs.

Different types of windows are good for various purposes. Overall, both the window frame and glass you use in your frame depend on the functionality you need. Consider your space and needs before choosing your windows.

Keeping Your Windows Clean

A lot can go into creating a space with the perfect windows. Once you’ve fitted your ideal windows, it’s important to keep them clean. Despite this, you probably don’t have time to clean your windows often.

At Window Cleaning Miami, we specialize in helping you keep your windows clean throughout the year.

Windows cleaning benefits aren’t just about making your place look good. Keeping your windows clean can also enhance their longevity and prevent surface scratches.

After investing time to learn about different types of windows and choosing the perfect styles, it’s important to protect your investment by keeping them clean.

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